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Colette: The Essence of French Style

23 Nov 2014 / 0 Comments / in Blog

Celebrating the essence of French style, Colette Grand Café is the latest addition to Toronto’s highly celebrated Chase Hospitality Group. Located at the stylish Thompson Hotel, this gorgeous space exudes a refined beauty and sophistication thanks to Audax Architecture‘s principal, Gianpiero Pugliese and his Southern France-inspired design. The sophisticated 5,000 square-foot space (click on photo to enlarge […]

Baroque Beauty In Paris (VI arr.)

11 Jun 2013 / 0 Comments / in Blog

Located in the City of Light, Paris, the “Institut de France” ​is a French learned society comprised of five académies, the most famous of which is the Académie française. The Institut is headquartered since 1805 in an amazing Baroque palace, built in 1688, which dominates the skyline of Saint-Germain-des-Prés (VI arr.). This impressive building (click on photo to enlarge and […]

The Partal: A Pearl Set In Emeralds

01 May 2013 / 0 Comments / in Blog

Located in Granada, Spain, the Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex (originally constructed as a fortress in 889 and converted into a royal palace in 1333 by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada). Amongst its many buildings, “The Partal”, which means portico, is one of the most important of those that belonged to the magnates […]

Chan Centre For Performing Arts & Chan Shun Concert Hall

17 Apr 2013 / 0 Comments / in Blog

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts is located on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. This state-of-the-art performing arts venue, constructed with over 6,500 cubic metres of concrete which can be seen throughout the building and completed in 1997, holds the 1,200-seat Chan Shun Concert Hall, the flexible-seating Telus […]

Pomp & Grandeur in Brighton

21 Mar 2013 / 0 Comments / in Blog

The Grand is a Victorian hotel in Brighton, on the south coast of England. More than a hotel, this is an institution, an iconic piece of British history, perched contentedly at the centre of one of the most famous seafronts in the world. Grand by nature, welcome to old world luxury. There is nothing boutique […]