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Girona: The Eiffel Bridge

07 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Blog

The Eiffel Bridge was constructed in Girona (Catalonia) where four rivers meet. Girona is a city in the Northeast of Catalonia, Spain at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants and Güell. This incredibly beautiful city has got eleven bridges!! The most famous is the one that was constructed by Gustave Eiffel in 1876, […]

Style & Culture in Aix-en-Provence

06 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Blog

Founded by the Romans in 123BC as Aquae Sextiae, meaning waters belonging to Consul Caius Sextius Calvinus, Aix-en-Provence is a town of history, culture  and, certainly, water. Over 40 sparkling fountains in shady squares and the town’s busy centre supply beautiful cool water, essential in the hot Provençal summer. Built in 1912 by engineers from the […]

Flavours of Îles-de-la-Madeleine

06 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Blog

À l’abri de la Tempête is a microbrewery located in Québec, Canada. (More precisely on Îles-de-la-Madeleine, a 50-mile-long archipelago of untamed beaches in the Atlantic Ocean). Like many of the world’s finest epicurean delights, the secret ingredient in the microbrews from Québec is salt. Belle Saison, Corne de Brume, Écume, and Terre Ferme (winner of the […]

Hemmi & Valdi – Reykjavík

06 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Blog

Located in Iceland’s trendy capital city, Reykjavík, Hemmi & Valdi is a charming café/bar with artfully chosen mis-matched furniture, stacked books, and most of all, a great ambiance. Easy and relaxed by day with a building bohemian buzz as evening arrives. This unique hangout, originally set up by a couple of young dads to sell […]

Navettes Provençales (Sweet France)

06 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Blog

The Navettes Provençales are a crunchy, barely sweet cookie shaped like a boat to commemorate the arrival by boat of St. Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, and Saint Martha to Provence over 2000 years ago. A specialty of Marseille, they come in three traditional forms: the navette traditionnelle uses fleur d’oranger; the navette Marseillaise leaves out the orange flower water, and […]